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Top 100 Sex Positions Checklist for Couples

You returned home after work and a drink at the bar. What's the first thing you do? Hop into the shower and enjoy some intimate moments with your partner while trying out new sex positions? Well… not really. Most couples only pick several choices when it comes to getting busy under the sheets, such as Missionary, Doggy Style, and Cowgirl.

Plus, most of the times you will be so tired that you'll hardly reach for the drawer to get condoms.

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However, there are numerous other sex positions you can try out without having to be in the best physical condition. Plus, having sex is good for your health. So, we have 100 sex positions you and your partner can try out if you’re tired of your standard three poses and you’re willing to explore more of your sex life.

Handle this article as a wine list from the bar you visit after hours. In other words, you don’t have to try out everything that’s on it but instead, choose what looks and sounds good and give it a go. A few positions may become some of your new favorites. If you're finding some positions difficult, make sure to use additional help, such as a personal lubricant.

Note that we included the good old “traditional” positions in here and not every single one will work for everyone. Nevertheless, a little adventure could shake the sheets even more.

1. The Toad

The Toad

First, we will start with the animal-name positions. The Toad gives an intimate body-to-body contact between partners and an intense clitoral stimulation for women. The woman has to lay back with her legs open. At the same time, the man lays between her legs and penetrates her.

2. The Snail

The Snail

Another one that can spice up your bedroom life is The Snail. While the woman is laying on her back, she pushes her knees towards her head and lifts her legs. The man kneels next to her and places his hands next to her shoulders.

3. The Crouching Tiger

The Crouching Tiger

This pose is a bit challenging for some women, but it’s worth a try. The man lays down o the bed with his feet on the ground. The woman then squats over him, facing in another direction. It requires a good thigh muscle game and balance for women, so be careful when squatting on the edge of the bed.

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4. The Frog

The Frog

The Frog is one of the sex positions that involve the man sitting on the edge of the bed. The woman crouches between his legs while he holds her bottom. This one is a bit difficult for the woman.

5. The Spider

The Spider

The Spider requires stronger arms in both of you. The man leans back on his hands and sits, while the woman faces him and sits, also leaning on her hands to easily control her movements.

6. The Dolphin

The Dolphin

The Dolphin pose got its name after the woman’s position; she lays on her back and lifts everything but her head and shoulders. The man holds her by the waist or buttocks and kneels between her legs. Note that it may get uncomfortable for the woman after a while.

7. The Eagle

The Eagle

One of the extremely enjoyable sex positions is The Eagle. While the man kneels and holds the woman’s legs, she lays down with her legs spread between the man. Ensure you're wearing a tailored-fit condom so that it doesn't slip away.

8. The Butterfly

The Butterfly

You’ll need a low table for The Butterfly. The woman lays down facing the man, and the man is standing up, holding the woman’s bottom. She can rest her legs on the man’s shoulders.

9. The Rocking Horse

The Rocking Horse

After a while, you’ll get tired of strenuous positions and feel like sitting down. In The Rocking Horse, the man sits with his legs crossed, leaning back with his arms, while the woman bents her knees and sits facing him.

10. The Hound

The Hound

Once the Doggy Style becomes a routine, try a similar position. In The Hound, the woman holds her body weight on her forearms, while the man penetrates her from behind. 

11. The Sphinx

The Sphinx

In this pose, the woman lays on her belly in the Sphinx pose, with one of her knees bent. The man lays on top of her body and supports himself with his hands.

12. From Behind

From Behind

After we’ve crossed the animal-named positions off our list, let’s see which involve at least one partner standing up. From Behind requires both to stand up. It is easier for the woman to hold onto something while the man enters her from behind.

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13. Ascent to Desire

Ascent to Desire

This one implies the position in which the woman wraps her legs around the man while he holds her whole body weight. She holds him by the shoulders during the intercourse.

14. Suspended Congress

Suspended Congress

Here, the man leans against a wall, while the woman bends her knees and places her feet on the wall. It may get difficult after some time, but make sure you’re both strong enough to make it work.

15. The Challenge

The Challenge

The Challenge requires a low chair for the woman to stand on. Once she crouches, the man can enter her from behind. It’s wise that the woman holds onto something to avoid falling over.

16. The Column

The Column

The Column position involves both parties to stand up; the woman stands in front of the man, both facing the same direction. Their arms are intertwined, and the man can penetrate her from behind.

17. The Erotic V

The Erotic V

The position of the woman is essential in this sex position. She sits on the edge of a high table facing the man and lifts her legs, while the man stands in front of her. She supports herself by putting her arms on the man’s shoulders.

18. The Fan

The Fan

With her back facing the man, the woman supports herself by placing her elbows and arms to a chair. The man stands up behind her. This pose isn’t suitable for everyone, especially if the partners aren’t the same height.

19. The Indian Handstand

The Indian Handstand

This is one of the sex positions that demand a lot of strength in arms from the woman. The man holds her by the thighs from behind while she supports her body weight on her arms.


20. The Lustful Leg

The Lustful Leg

If resilience is the woman’s middle name, go for it. The Lustful Leg requires her to face the man and place one of her legs on the man’s shoulder. It’s easier if you stand up on the bed first. You can wear a regular natural condom here since the position isn't as difficult as others on this list.

21. The Mermaid

The Mermaid

The Mermaid involves the man standing up, while the woman lays down on the table. Her legs are at the edge, and she lifts them so that the man can hold them.

22. The Padlock

The Padlock

The Padlock requires a high table. While the woman sits on the edge and leans back with her arms, the man stands facing her.

23.The Plough

The Plough

In The Plough, the woman has to support her body weight on her elbows on the edge of the bed. The man stands in between her legs and holds them by the thighs. 

24. The Right Angle

The Right Angle

When the woman gets tired of doing all sorts of acrobatic moves, it’s time to lay down. The man stands up between her legs while she lays on her back.

25. The Standing Wheelbarrow

The Standing Wheelbarrow

If you have a great deal of balance, The Standing Wheelbarrow is a perfect choice. The woman positions herself on her elbows, while the man kneels down and enters her from behind.

26. The Visitor

The Visitor

The Visitor involves both of the partners to face each other and to stand up. Again, this one is great if you’re approximately the same height.

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27. The Squat Balance

The Squat Balance

This one requires the woman to stand on the bed and slowly squat. Her partner is standing behind her. She holds his arms to support her body, and he holds her bottom.

28. The Magic Mountain

The Magic Mountain

Do you have a bunch of pillows? Stack them to form a “mountain.” The woman has to bend over them so that her torso lays on the pillows. The man kneels behind her and puts his hands around hers.

29. The Glowing Juniper

The Glowing Juniper

Another one with the knees slightly bent; the woman lays down while the man sits between her legs, lifts her, and holds her back. It’s a great position when you feel exhausted.

30. Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight

One more for all of you lazy folks; Afternoon Delight requires both of you to lay down: the man on his side and the woman turned to him at a right angle. 

31. Bandoleer


For the Bandoleer, the woman has to bend her knees towards her head while laying on her back. The man has to kneel facing her and rest his elbows on her legs.

32. Indrani


The next is belongs to the “lazy” sex positions. It requires the woman to lay down and bend her knees, feet facing upwards. The man then slides towards her, while the woman controls his moves with her hands on his legs.

33. The Catherine Wheel

The Catherine Wheel

When you’re also feeling like laying down, but can rest on your arms, you can both sit down while facing each other. First, the woman has to wrap her legs around the man. He can then put one of his legs over her waist, depending on which side you’re on. The man supports his body weight on his elbows, and the woman puts her hands on the ground.

34. The Backward Slide

The Backward Slide

The Backward Slide involves the man sitting on the bed, and the woman sitting astride him. She bends her legs and leans back with her hands on the floor.

35. The Clip 

The Clip

The position number 35 is perfect when the man wants to relax. He lays on his back, while the woman sits on top of him, supporting her with her hands leaning back.

36. The Hinge

The Hinge

The man leans backward and supports his body with one arm, while the woman kneels in front. She uses her elbows to control the movement.

37. The Hero

The Hero

The Hero requires the man to kneel facing the woman. She lays down with her legs up and knees bent. Since the man has to hold her legs up, he can become exhausted quickly.

38. The Candle

The Candle

The woman lays down with her head on the pillow, her knees bent towards her head. The man kneels, his legs spread, facing her and supports his body with his arms. 

39. The Galley

The Galley

The man sits with his legs stretched and his arms leaning back for support. The woman sits facing in the other direction and leans forward. She controls the movement with her arms. 

40. The Amazon

The Amazon

The Amazon requires a chair that is low enough so that the woman’s feet can touch the floor. The man sits on the chair, and the woman sits on top of him, facing him and moves her feet to handle the motion. 

41. Doggy Style

Doggy Style

As said, this list contains the conventional sex positions, so here it is: Doggy Style. The woman is on all fours, while the man holds her hips and penetrates her from behind.

42. Splitting Bamboo

Splitting Bamboo

When the woman feels like laying down, Splitting Bamboo is a great choice. She puts one of her legs on the man’s shoulder, and the other stretched under the man. He sits on her leg and holds the leg that rests on his shoulder.

43. The Basket

The Basket

The man sits at the right angle with his legs stretched, holding the woman by her bottom. She sits facing him with her knees bent. Both have control over their movement.

44. The Classic

The Classic

The Classic, best known as “The Missionary", is one of the most common sex positions. The woman lays down, and the man places his body between her legs.

45. The Close-Up

The Close-Up

If you prefer spooning when sleeping, you’ll like this position. The partners both lie on their sides; knees bent and facing in the same direction. It’s an exceptionally intimate sex position.   

46. The Crisscross

The Crisscross

Now, let’s see how the crossed sex positions look. In the Crisscross, the man lays on his side, holding the woman by her shoulders. She lays at a right angle with her legs between his body.

47. The Cross

The Cross

The second one requires the woman to lay down on her back, with one leg bent. The man sits in between her legs and holds her bent leg.

48. The Crossed Keys

The Crossed Keys

In The Crossed Keys, the woman lays on the edge of the table with her legs up and crossed. The man faces her and holds her legs while standing up.

49. The Curled Angel

The Curled Angel

This one is similar to The Close-Up. However, the woman’s legs are next to one another, and the man supports himself on his elbows.

50. The Kneel

The Kneel

The Kneel involves both the man and the woman to kneel. The woman positions her legs as she pleases for a more comfortable penetration.

51. The Lap Top

The Lap Top

For this position, you will have to share the same chair. The man sits down first, then the woman sits on top and places her legs over her partner's shoulders. To prevent her from toppling, the man can hold her by her hips.

52. The Lotus Blossom

The Lotus Blossom

This beautifully intimate sexual position of Kamasutra is mandatory now and then. The man sits down while the woman sits on top of him and puts her legs around his waist. The woman then moves her hips to control the motion. 

53. The Perch

The Perch

You’ll need a high chair for The Perch. The man sits down, and the woman sits on top of him, her back facing him. She can easily control the movement with her feet on the ground.

54. The Reverse Cowgirl

The Reverse Cowgirl

The man lays on his back, while the woman sits on top with her back to him. Both can control the movement: the man by using his thigh muscles and the woman by moving her knees.

55. The Rider

The Rider

This one is similar to the previous one. However, in this one, while facing away from the man, the woman leans forward. She supports her body with her arms. She controls most of the movement, while the man holds her by her thigh.

56. The Ship

The Ship

The man lays on his back, and the woman sits on top of him with her legs spread to each side. The woman is in charge for the most part, and it can become challenging after a while.

57. The Seated Ball

The Seated Ball

This position seems odd, but it can’t get any simpler than this. The man sits down and bends his legs a little. The woman has to sit in his lap in the opposite direction. Both of them then lean forward for a better feeling.

58. The Rowing Boat

The Rowing Boat

The Rowing Boat is one more intimate sex position. The partners can look at each other in the eyes. The man must first lie on his back. The woman will then come and sit on top. The man gets up while the woman wraps both her legs around his hips of and the man then does the same thing.

59. The Slip

The Slip

In The Slip, the man who positions himself by kneeling in front of the woman. She is lying on the bed. He then leans back with his arms as support. The woman must bend her legs and rest her head on a pillow to lift the lower part of her body. This sex position is very stimulating for both sexes.

60. The Deckchair

The Deckchair

Similar to the previous one, The Deckchair involves the man sitting, except that his legs are stretched out. The woman rests her legs on his shoulders and controls the movement with her arms.

61. The Landslide

The Landslide

The Landslide is the tricky one since the man has to be very careful. The woman lays on her stomach and supports herself on her elbows. The man then comes to sit on top. His legs are spread and placed on the sides of the woman. He then leans back with his arms on the ground. As for the woman, if you want to have more fun, you can slightly close your legs.

62. The Proposal

The Proposal

This is yet another intimate position. You can try to put both of you on your knees face to face. Both then place one of their legs to the same side of their partner’s. It’s a great position since the two control the movement simultaneously.

63. The Shoulder Stand

The Shoulder Stand

The woman is on the ground on her back and places her head down. The man helps her lift the rest of her body and spreads her legs. He is on his knees and handles most of the movements.

64. The Thigh Master

The Thigh Master

For The Thigh Master, the man has to lie down and bend his legs. The woman sits on top with her back to the man. Both partners control the rhythm of the motion. And if the man wants, he can assist the movement by putting his hands on his partner's bottom or hips.

65. The Tominagi

The Tominagi

The woman lays on her back with her legs bent towards her head. The man then has to kneel facing her and hold her knees. It’s the perfect sex position for deeper penetration.

66. The Star

The Star

The Star is similar to The Cross. However, here, the man leans back with his arms behind his back instead of holding the woman’s legs. She lays down on her back and enjoys the motion.

67. The Stair Master

The Stair Master

You need a staircase at your disposal for this one. The woman has to kneel on one step while supporting her body on the step in front of her. The man stands behind her and holds her by her thighs.

68. The Rock ‘n’ Roller

The Rock 'n' Roller

The man has to kneel facing the woman while she lays down. She lifts her legs, and they hold each other’s arms. The man has more control of the movement.

69. The Supernova

The Supernova

The Supernova requires a great deal of flexibility. The man has to lie down on the bed while his torso and his head fall back. The woman then sits on top and places her feet on the bed while leaning back with her arms.

70. The Prone Tiger

The Prone Tiger

The next dozen sex positions will involve at least one partner laying down. In The Prone Tiger, the woman lays on her stomach, and the man lifts her bottom to sit with his legs stretched out below. He’s in charge of the motion.

71. The Double Decker

The Double Decker

In The Double Decker, both partners are laying on their back, the woman on top of the man. Her knees are bent, and she places her feet on her partner’s knees. He holds her by her thighs, and she balances with her hands holding his arms.

72. The Glowing Triangle

The Glowing Triangle

When you thought it’s the time for a missionary, think again. The Glowing Triangle is a spin on the popular sex position. The woman, however, raises her pelvis while holding onto the man’s shoulders.

73. The Nirvana

The Nirvana

Again, similar to the missionary position, The Nirvana requires the woman laying on her back. Her arms are stretched behind her head. Her legs are shut, and the man penetrates her while laying on top.

74. The Peg

The Peg

This one is a bit challenging at first, but worth a try nonetheless. The man has to lay down on his side and the woman is in the opposite direction. She wraps her legs around his legs and holds his legs with her hands. 

75. Woman on Top

Woman on Top

For this pose, the man has to lie on his back and spread his legs. The woman lays on top of him with her legs closed. She holds her arms around his neck. Here the man controls the movement.

76. The Propeller

The Propeller

The Propeller can be tricky for most men, especially if you’re not completely relaxed and agile. The woman lays on her back, while the man is on top in the opposite direction and makes slow circular movements. 

77. The Reclining Lotus

The Reclining Lotus

When the woman feels like laying down, she can bend her knees and put her feet on the man’s thighs. He comes on top and supports himself with his forearms on the floor.

78. The Seduction

The Seduction

Very gentle and very fusional, The Seduction is quite popular among women. The woman lays with her legs bent below her and arms above her head. The man lays on top with his legs straight and his forearms next to her shoulders.

79. The Shoulder Holder

The Shoulder Holder

The Shoulder Holder is easy if a woman can hold her legs straight up for longer. The man kneels, facing her while she holds him by his thigh. He grips her legs for better balance with one hand while placing the other on the floor.

80. The Side Saddle

The Side Saddle

This one requires the man to lie on his back and spread his legs a little. The woman sits on top on the side and puts her arms on the floor or the bed to have at least a minimum of support.

81. The Sidekick

The Sidekick

If you want to make The Sidekick position, the woman must be lying on her stomach. She puts one of her legs slightly to one side. The man kneels with one leg while supporting himself on the woman’s back.

82. The Sideways Samba

The Sideways Samba

The Sideways Samba is called like this for a reason. The woman must lie on her side and place her body at a right angle, in “L” position. The man is on the top and controls the movement. 

83. The Slide

The Slide

This position requires the man to lie on his back. At the same time, the woman lays on top with her legs together. In The Slide, it’s the woman who has full control of the motion.

84. The Super 8

The Super 8

The Super 8 is a variation of The Missionary. The woman lays on her back with her legs spread and the man lays on top between her legs. He supports his body weight with his hands on the ground.

85. The Triumph Arch

The Triumph Arch

This position requires a minimum of flexibility from both partners. The man sits with his legs spread, and the woman sits on her knees, facing him. Once in the right position, the woman can finally lean back. The man can then lean forward towards her.

86. The Whisper

The Whisper

In The Whisper, the two partners lay on their side, both face to face. And the woman wraps her legs around her partner. They are holding each other, making the movement easier.

87. The X-Rated

The X-Rated

For this one, the man has to lie flat on his back and the woman on top of him, facing in the opposite direction. Both of the partners place their arms where they prefer.

88. Wide Opened

Wide Opened

This position involves the man to kneel and the woman to lie back facing him. He then holds her by her back while she spreads her legs and moves towards him.

89. The Zen Pause

The Zen Pause

The Zen Pause is perfect in-between positions, to relax a bit. The woman and the man have to lay on their side facing each other. The woman puts one of her legs over the man’s body after which is easy to achieve the rhythm you want.

90. The Clasp

The Clasp

The next eleven sex positions are only for the bravest and the strongest among you. The Clasp, for example, requires a lot of strength from the man. Also, the woman has to have a certain dose of agility. The man stands up and holds the woman while she wraps her legs around his waist. 

91. The Waterfall

The Waterfall

You’ll need a stool for The Waterfall. The man sits down and holds the woman who faces him and leans back. He holds her for balance and fully controls the motion. Again, this one demands both of the partners to have enough stamina.

92. The G-Force

The G-Force

The woman places her head on the pillow for greater comfort, lying on her back and raises her knees. The man kneels right in front of her and holds her feet for more support.

93. The Y Curve

The Y Curve

As you can see, the name comes from the look of the position. To make The Y Curve, the woman must extend the lower part of her body on the bed. The rest of her body falls down from the edge of the bed. The man lays on top and put his hands on the woman’s bottom to raise the top of his body and give more depth to the movement.

94. The Kneeling Wheelbarrow

The Kneeling Wheelbarrow

This position has a very original name and it’s similar to The Standing Wheelbarrow. The woman gets on all fours, and the man kneels behind her. She raises one leg while the man is entering her. This position isn’t suitable for longer periods because the woman can experience pain in her leg.

95.The Grip

The Grip

The Grip is another version of The Missionary. The woman has to raise her hips and wrap her legs around the man’s body. He is on all fours, supporting his body weight with his arms on the floor.

96. The Fold

The Fold

The Fold is similar to The Triumph Arch, only the woman’s legs are slightly bent and hang behind the man. The position can become challenging if the man can’t bend his body easily to the front.

97. The Ape

The Ape

This one is quite difficult if both partners lack stamina and balance. For The Ape, the man must lie down and lift his legs while keeping them together. Also, he must bring his knees closer to his face. Then the woman should sit on top of him with her back to him. She keeps her balance by holding his hands. Only for experienced couples!

98. The Suspended Scissors

The Suspended Scissors

One more of the challenging sex positions, which require the partners to have an enormous level of endurance and balance. The woman uses one hand to support her body and another to hold onto the man’s arm. Her feet are in the air. The man, on the other hand, stands in between her left leg and grips her right leg.

99. Balancing Act

Balancing Act

Another one that demands a lot of balance, as the name says. For this position, the man must lie down with his legs lifted and spread. Meanwhile, the woman sits between his legs, and her partner holds her by the waist so that they can keep the balance. Then it's up to the man to do the moves.

100. The Bridge

The Bridge

The last but not the least, The Bridge is one of the most challenging sex positions out there. It requires the man to be flexible and agile. He makes the bridge pose, while the woman sits on top, placing her hands on his chest. If the man is strong enough, he can move up and down. In case you’re not in the best physical condition, we wouldn’t recommend this one.

Which of the Sex Positions Would You Try With Your Partner?

Making your sex life can be extremely fun if you’re up for trying new things. There are many Kamasutra positions you definitely never tried before, so it’s time you suggest some to your partner.

Did you enjoy our sex positions checklist? Which would you try out with your significant other? 

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I like the ones that are like wrestling holds and positions. I like to be rough and tuff with my man


I like a lot of those positions that I want to try with my wife or lady friend some I didn’t like but I don’t remember seeing one of my favorite 69 I might have seen it but I like a lot of those positions some real good ones

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I’m having a hard time getting a orgasm please tell me what I need to tell my husband to make me reach my climax


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