10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Under $20

Money can’t buy real love. But as Valentine's Day approaches, we like to give something to the person we love as an extra bonus to show them that we care.

Let's be real, gifts and dinners are clichés, but you can’t deny that you love to get even a little somethin' from your partner for Valentine’s day. Most likely, you won’t give a car as a gift but instead, opt for a little sign of love. Let’s see what the most affordable Valentine’s Day gifts for under $20 are. Even though the most popular gifts are roses and sweets, or a bottle of great wine, we decided to include the less common, but still thoughtful, gifts you can buy for your partner this February.

Valentine's Day Royal Gift Guide

1. Russell Stover Red Foil Heart Box of Assorted Chocolates, $14.99

The first thing on our list is the good old chocolate box. This heart-shaped box of assorted chocolates from Russell Stover will melt even the biggest heart. Think of purchasing this one if your loved one has a sweet tooth.

2. Happy Socks Pair, $8.40-$16.80

Have you ever decided to give socks to your partner for Valentine’s Day? It may sound odd, but trust us, they are comfy and something you'll forever to keep that loved one in your mind forever. Happy Socks offers a variety of different socks at an affordable price. Plus, you can mix and match multiple pairs, depending on your style choice.

2. Victoria’s Secret String Brazilian Panty, $16.50

Guys, if you like to see your lady in sexy lingerie, now is the perfect time to give her the best one out there. Victoria’s Secret has an array of panties for under $20 that your misses and you will adore. This panty comes in four different colors, so choose which one you’ll like the most and surprise your loved one.

3. Royal Organic Lubricant, $13.99

How could we not include the best and healthiest natural organic lube out there. Get ready for some intimate moments. After all, it’s the lovebirds’ holiday. Royal premium water-based lubricant has added aloe vera for a silky smooth feel. It is made with organic, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free ingredients to keep you and your partner balanced and satisfied. 

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5. Black Cherry Yankee Candle, $11

Candles are an excellent tool to set the mood on Valentine’s day. Who doesn't love to relax next to a nice-smelling candle? This Black Cherry Yankee Candle sets the perfect mood for both of you, so think of it when you want to purchase an affordable Valentine’s Day gift.

6. Broadside Margarita Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, $19.96

You can't have Valentine’s Day without a glass of wine. If you like red wine, then Broadside’s Cabernet Sauvignon is a great choice. Make sure to pair it with a delicious dinner and have an evening you'll never forget.

7. Royal Taster Pack, $18

It wouldn't be a Valentine's Day if you're not getting lucky. Another sexy item on the list is our Royal Taster Pack, a combination of three premium vegan organic condoms with different flavors. Whether you like strawberry, chocolate, or natural taste, these condoms are an excellent Valentine's Day gift for both sexes.

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8. Sexy Truth or Dare, $11.97

Now for some more sexy time, here’s the Truth or Dare game with a twist. Spice up your love life with these 50 Truth or Dare sticks and have a spontaneous Valentine’s Day.

9. Greeting Card Valentine’s Day Box, $15.95

In case you’re more of beer people, here’s a greeting card box that you can fill with his or her favorite beer. You can write a unique message in the greeting card and surprise your partner with a delicious six-pack.

10. Kikkerland Pixel Heart Morphing Mug, $11.25

Last, something exclusively for the mister, this ingenious mug has a red pixel heart that appears as you pour a hot drink in it. Show him that you care for him even at times when he’s drinking his morning coffee.

What Would You Choose This Valentine's Day?

What Valentine’s Day gift from our list you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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