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Here's Why You Should Be Using Natural Condoms

You know that feeling you get when you turn over a box at you local store to look at the ingredient list and realize that you have never heard of or can't pronounce half of the ingredients?  It's even more unsettling when that box is filled with condoms and we're putting all of these foreign ingredients into or on our bodies, especially in such a sensitive area like the vagina or penis.
But don't worry, we've got your back (and front) with some little known facts about natural and organic condoms that will make you want to switch up your love-making game.

Let's start with the big question - why are chemicals in traditional condoms bad for us?

Well, for starters, our skin is highly absorbent, meaning that anything that comes into close contact with it will eventually make its way into the deeper layers of our skin and potentially even the rest of our body. And when it comes to our penis or vaginal skin, those chemicals can cause immediate reactions such as irritation, pain, and swelling. Now, these symptoms are often mistaken for a latex allergy, but the truth is that less than 1% of the population is actually allergic to latex. So, if you're experiencing these reactions, it's likely that you're reacting to the chemicals used to make the condom.

But what kind of chemicals are we talking about here?

Conventional condoms often contain ingredients like Nitrosamine, Glycerin, Spermicides, Benzocaine, and Casein. Nitrosamine has been known to trigger tumour growth, Glycerin can lead to yeast infections, Spermicides can increase your risk of catching an STI, Benzocaine messes with your hormones, and Casein, a milk protein, is not suitable for vegans or people with dairy allergies. And let's be real, yeast infections, STIs, and messed up hormones are not exactly what we're looking for in a good time.

So, what's the solution?

Enter natural and vegan condoms. These types of condoms are made with only ingredients that you can actually pronounce and are free from all of the chemicals that can harm our bodies. For example, Royal Condoms are made from natural rubber, cornstarch powder, silicon oil, and a vegetable binder extract. Our rubber is vulcanized from natural rubber latex using only sulphur, zinc oxide, accelerators, and soap. The chemical input is kept to a bare minimum, ensuring that our condoms are safe for use. And the best part? These condoms are vegan and don't contain any casein.

Now, we know what you might be thinking - "But wait, aren't all condoms safe to use?"

And the answer is yes, all condoms are safe to use as long as they are used correctly and are not expired. However, the chemicals and additives used in conventional condoms can cause long-term health problems and can disrupt our natural penis & vaginal ecosystem. So, why not make the switch to natural and organic condoms? Not only will you be protecting yourself and your partner from unwanted chemicals, but you'll also be protecting the delicate balance of your genitals.
So, next time you're at the store or searching online, take a closer look at that box of condoms and consider switching to natural and vegan options. Not only will you be making a healthier choice for yourself and your partner, but you'll also be making a choice that aligns with your values, whether that's living a healthy lifestyle or just wanting to avoid unnecessary chemicals. Trust us, your genitals will thank you.
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