ThriveGlobal - These Companies Are Changing The World For Men

Over the years, many condoms and lubricants have gotten a bad rep for being sleezy, playboy-ish or just plain icky. BUT NOT ROYAL! Our condoms are healthy - and HEALTHY IS SEXY!

“First, Royal is setting a new standard in men’s health. We’re providing healthier and safer advancement to sex and wellness products that haven’t changed in decades. Second, we’re improving men’s reputation with their partner. Our products not only benefit men, but benefit their partners as well (especially if they are lady partners). Guys with condoms/particular brands were stereotyped as sleazy, playboys, players, etc. With our healthier, higher quality, and vegan products, that stereotype gets wiped away.”  - Neil Mehta, Founder & CEO, Royal

What an honor it was to be featured by ThriveGlobal as a company CHANGING THE WORLD for men in 2020.

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