About Royal

We believe that sex should smell and taste amazing.

Here at Royal, we're all about adding flavor to your bedroom in a way that makes it easy for you, and discreet. So, we decided to enhance a product that people already use on a regular basis: condoms.

We focused on two criteria: long-lasting, delicious flavor and scent. The result? An incredible, game-changing experience.

While other condom brands go for gimmicks or different textures, we thought about how to engage all of your senses in an elegant way. Sex tastes and smells bland or neutral at best. Why not work to solve that problem through something we already use regularly?

When selling condoms, we want to make sure that everything we give our customers is something that we would use personally. With that in mind, we went straight to the manufacturing site to make sure every Royal condom we design is vegan, tastes good, smells the way it should, and lasts as long as we would want it to.

At Royal, we've created our flavored condom variety packs to not only enhance your sexual experience by smell and taste, but to increase pleasure sensations for you and your partner. Our ultra thin condom design is made to help you control to climax and savor every moment.

Now we're ready to bring Royal to the people.



Based in Dayton, Ohio, we're working hard so you get to play hard. Our fulfillment center, located in Georgia, handles your online condom orders with the utmost care so that each and every package arrives to you safely.



Who We Are


Neil Mehta, Founder

Neil Mehta, Founder

Biology, OSU
Master's in Public Health, Mount Sinai (NYC)

For me, condoms were always a hassle without much fun involved. Aside from the inconvenience of getting them, they were too much of the same. That's why I created Royal – awesome products that are outside the norm.

Which flavor is your favorite?

Currently, the strawberry condom is my favorite, the fresh fruity scent is so refreshing. But I am a coffee lover, so stay tuned for our new releases - you won't be disappointed.  

Neil Makhijani

Neil Makhijani, Brand Intern

Biomedical Science, OSU

I got onboard with Royal because I saw an opportunity to promote public health on a wide-scale basis. Let's prevent the symptoms by preventing the cause. I want to help Royal become the people's condom: new, exciting, and reasonably priced.

Which flavor is your favorite?

If you are willing to try something new, I'd recommend the chocolate condom it's always been my favorite.

Rohan Makhijani

Rohan Makhijani, Brand Intern

Biomedical Sciences, OSU

After being in the social scene in college, I thought to myself, “Hmmm, they're clearly having fun, I hope they'll be safe tonight.” That's why I got onboard with Royal: to provide a fun experience while ensuring their sexual health. My goal is for Royal to become everyone's go-to move.

Which flavor is your favorite?

The variety pack is the best, you can use certain condoms based on what you and your partner are in the mood for.

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