Caitlin V, MPH - Sexologist

Clinical Sexologist

Caitlin V., MPH, Resident Sexologist at Royal, is a sex and relationship coach who helps people gain confidence, satisfaction, and deep transformation both inside and outside the bedroom. Her effervescent personality and no-nonsense approach to sexuality has made her one of the top sex coaches in the world and among the top sexperts on YouTube 

A peer sex-educator since the age of 14, Caitlin heard her calling early on in life. After receiving her Master’s Degree in Public Health at Indiana University and while working on her doctorate at the University of Texas, she realized that conducting sexual health research did not fully satisfy her need to help people transform their relationships to sex. 

She found that the nature of empirically-based science didn't recognize the full spectrum of strategies for creating fulfilling connections and pleasurable experiences that she wanted to employ. She quickly left her academic position and opened her practice, where she delivers evidence-based and scientifically-backed information along with the strategies for personal growth and development that are the hallmark of a truly gifted coach.

Caitlin combines science with intuition and experience to help clients and viewers through a holistic approach. She is a sex-positive and pleasure-centric educator, facilitator, and lifelong student. She helps her clients have safer sex, find self-acceptance, release shame, trust their intuition, know their desires, create a sense of belonging, develop their confidence as lovers, celebrate the joy of touch, and discover their capacity for romance. 

Caitlin’s extensive knowledge and research in women’s studies, and behavioral, social, and community health enabled her to pursue a career in sexual health research where she was involved in studies proving the sexual transmission of bacterial vaginosis, the world-famous "coregasm" research, and the development of a sexual events recording tool to help pinpoint the moment of STI transmission, among others. Caitlin received her Master’s in Public Health from Indiana University.


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*Caitlin V. is not a therapist, mental health expert, or healthcare provider, nor does she provide medical, financial, legal, or certified counseling advice.
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