Your Ultimate Guide to Summer Sex

How to keep the sex hot and stay cool doin’ it

We’ve all been there. It’s summer, the season of love, or the season of hot sex. You’ve quarantined for over a year, and you’re finally meeting up with the hotty you’ve been talking to for what seems like the longest pandemic year of your life. Things are going well, and you’ve headed back to your place. You don’t have AC but figured the heat could make things more passionate. 

The mood is steamy and heating up. Until… 

You watch a bead of sweat fall from your new lover’s face until it hits your body. That’s it, you think. Let’s skip the sex and just get ice cream. 

People are desperate to have sex now more than ever because of so much time spent in isolation. More people have abstained from sex throughout the pandemic for fear of safety.  With new guidelines, vaccines, and lifted restrictions, people are ready for hot vaxx summer

But just when it might feel safe to reemerge from the covid cocoon you’ve built for yourself, the weather is too hot to handle. This summer, we’ve already seen unprecedented heatwaves in various pockets of the country where you might prioritize keeping cool over sex. But you don’t have to. 

This guide will allow you to keep the sex hot but stay cool doing it and provide all you’d want to know about hot vaxx summer. 

Summer of sex AND the summer of safe sex. 

Before things heat up, let’s talk safe sex. Just because you and your partner have been in quarantine for what feels like forever doesn’t mean that the same old rules don’t apply. Make sure you use protection for any sexual encounter.

You might also ask about your new boo’s covid safety measures, like their vaccine status. Always pack everything you need (from condoms to lube) if you feel like things could heat up. 

Feeling protected, confident, and ready to move on to the fun stuff? 

Get creative with how to stay cool

These tips and tricks will help you have hot sex but stay cool, so you never have to miss a beat this summer.

Take it to the water

From foreplay to masturbation all the way to sex, water is a way to stay brisk while adding a different thrilling (and cooling!) sensation to sex. You could try foreplay, like making out in a pool or even throwing off all your clothes and skinny dipping. 

Masturbating with water is another way to stay cool without skimping on orgasms. Ready to put that removable showerhead to good use? Try a cooler temperature to rouse the experience!

For sex underwater, pack lube! You want to keep things slick, as water naturally removes self-lubrication. 

Many sex toys are waterproof, from vibrators to cock rings. This can be a fun way to enjoy solo sex or partnered sex in the water. Just make sure that your sex toy is safe for underwater use before you jump in. 


Keep it icy

Cold treats can be used for more than just eating. Trickle juice from an ice pop down your lover’s chest and lick it off for foreplay. The contrasts of hot and cold might shake things up. 

You might also take ice into the bedroom for erotic temperature play. Ice can stimulate erogenous zones. You might try dripping cold water from an ice cube onto your lover’s breasts, neck, stomach, or cheeks. This might be the perfect place to experiment for some, and for others, ice can be used directly on genitals for stimulation. If you are going to try this all-in approach, make sure to use lube, so the ice doesn’t get stuck!

Oh, the great outdoors

If you need to beat the heat this summer and change up your routine, pack up the car and head to the woods for some cooler nighttime temperatures and tent sex. If you’re a nature-lover, there’s something so special about having sex outdoors. It’s a bit taboo, which adds to the fun. A tent’s size also forces you to cozy up together. Just remember to pack extra padding.

Minimal contact sex positions

For summer sex that keeps you from overheating, try minimal contact sex positions. 

These positions are great for those moments when you and your partner want to have sex, but it’s too darn hot to do a lot of touching. Positions like doggy style and standing up involve minimal skin-to-skin contact. Mutual masturbation (touching yourself next to your partner touching themself) is another way to have fun while staying cool. Minimal contact sex positions are a great time to get creative about increasing pleasure and decreasing contact. 

You might also take sex away from bedding that can get too hot to cooler surfaces like a marble floor or kitchen counter. Changing the location of where you have sex also provides variety from routine, which could be a hot change. Keep these tips in mind, and you’re ready for a sultry summer.

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